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Dear Google,

Can Google dream of GooglebridgeKX? We hope so...

Can Google dream of GooglebridgeKX? We hope so…

People in the King’s Cross neighbourhood are delighted by the news that you have asked your architects to re-work their design to make it even better.

We are writing to urge you to include a bridge for pedestrians, bikes and wheelchairs across the railway tracks on the line of the former bridge, Battlebridge Road.

This bridge would complete the East-West route which would enable people to move between Islington, King’s Cross, St Pancras and Euston Stations avoiding the danger, noise and rotten air quality of the A501, Euston Road. It would also make a much more convenient way for lots of Islington people to get to King’s Cross, and indeed to your offices. Your staff bike park seems to be in just about the right place too.

Exchange Square is a public green space that forms a bridge across the tracks at Liverpool St Station… bridge daydreams for King’s Cross

The bridge was something thousands of residents and businesses campaigned for and it was included in Camden’s and Islington’s Planning Brief for the area and also in Argent’s plans. It never got built because it’s on Network Rail’s land, they didn’t want to pay for it and Camden council lacked the guts to insist that they should.

It has the support of local politicians of all parties and of London Assembly members. If you build it you would be doing a lot for London, for safety, for the environment and for the locality. No evil. Good.

Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart

Bridge dreams… could Google’s new building incorporate a much needed bridge and be as exciting as Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart?

If you want to see how exciting it can be to have a public right of way snaking through an important building, go and look at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart.

If you want to see how a green space (more than just a bridge) can be decked over the throat of a station go to Exchange Square at Broadgate.

Best wishes…

PS We’d love to meet to share bridge dreams for King’s Cross!

22 thoughts on “We’re writing a letter to Google…

  1. Great idea Google!
    What about gleaning a few additional ideas to get your own architects’ creative juices flowing, try sourcing them with a little fuel of inspiration from places like ‘The High Line’ in New York, Thomas Heatherwick’s plans for a garden like bridge across the Thames and Erect Architecture and J and L Gibbons’ recent winning proposal for Vauxhall….
    Go for it – go Google go! We’ll love you for it and so will all the world’s tourists – what a global advertisement opportunity for Google, hey?
    Would saying “No” to the opportunity to create a modern ‘Seventh Wonder of the World’ be anything else but a ‘No-brainer’?

  2. Give something back, Google, invest in your new neighbourhood.

    You know more than most than our globalised world the local matters more than ever. Be loved by your new neighbours, help us to realise our aspirations for a more liveable neighbourhood, one where we can choose walking routes where you don’t have to shout to be heard over the roar of traffic or choke on the nasty fumes! Thanks for listening to us. Hope we can start talking about this!

  3. Dear Google,

    I run a tech company in central London. Many of us cycle to work – our job requires us to sit largely motionless at screens for at least 8 hours a day, sometimes 12; we need the exercise at either end of the day to stay healthy and sharp. I expect a lot of your KX employees will want to cycle to work for similar reasons.

    The Kings Cross gyratory is a notorious accident blackspot for cyclists and pedestrians – so bad that at one point, local activists sought to pursue a Corporate Manslaughter case against TfL for a death resulting from the dangerous conditions there. So, naturally, people want to avoid it.. if they’ve no alternative route, many will be put off cycling entirely.

    Anyway, I for one would very much appreciate it if you can do your bit for a cleaner London, a city of sharper, healthier tech workers with all their limbs intact. The railway bridge would be very much welcomed by Londoners on their bikes – a great PR opportunity with a young, professional, connected demographic. Many corporate landowners and property developers don’t really “get” cycling and add on botched facilities as an afterthought – Google, as a company which seeks to define the future, should set them an example!

    All the best,

  4. Dear Google
    I am a local resident and fully support the creation of a bridge. We campaigned hard for it a few years ago and were very disappointed that Network Rail refused to complete this vital car-free connection between East and West Kings Cross.

    You can save the project! Please help.

  5. Would be great to see a new space for public usage that has a decent purpose and will help give us green space in a developing area with none.

  6. I’m a local resident who would also benefit enormously from the construction of this bridge — it would link us to the King’s Cross redevelopment and make us feel that Google really cares about moving into our neighbourhood.

  7. I am the leaseholder of a flat in Somers Close in Somerstown and am someone who knows how badly residents need this new bridge. It will transform the area from a practical point of view. In a district that has got carried away with the influx of vast investment it is easy for state and corporate giants to forget the ‘little’ people who have been around living in the area before they ever arrived. They have responsibilities.

    We are counting on Google, an overseas profit-making entity, to look out for us, because our own native non-profit making representative, Camden Council, has utterly failed us, ignoring a signed petition for the bridge, yet it increases service charges on all its properties year on year.

    This is a sorely needed addition to the area, and one that the people have directly requested. Where the council has ignored the people, can the mega-corporation be our saviour? We hope so.

  8. Dear Google

    As a local resident who travels around on foot and by bike, I fully support the creation of a bridge which would bring untold benefits to the local community as well as enabling a much better East/West route for non-motorised traffic than does the Euston Road! It will probably benefit many of your future employees as well!

    Thank you

  9. I really support this having lived in the area now for 10 years. Well done all for keeping this campaign going after Network Rail failed to deliver.

  10. This is an extremely positive development. The history of King’s Cross campaigning over 40 years proves this can succeed if we keep up the pressure, and as Google show, you find friends in unexpected places.

    The proposed line of the bridge follows the original 19th century bridge, so this is good at numerous practical and heritage levels.

  11. We need this bridge. The joint planning brief agreed by Camden and Islington in 2004 wittered on about ‘permeability’ through the site but, when it came to doing something about it with the planning application for KX station, Camden ignored that (and numerous well-argued objections). Let’s hope Google can see what this bridge could do for the area!

  12. As a resident on the Islington side of Kings Cross for around 30 years I was so disappointed (devastated, even) when the old back route along what is now Platform 0 into/out of the station was closed. It was so much better and safer for me than having to go all the way down around the front of the new design station. Please put in a bridge for us. It would be a wonderful addition to the area and could be a great fun design.

  13. What a great message this would send! Also Google could incorporate entrances to their building via the bridge! I love the picture of a white tube ‘floating’ across the railway tracks!

  14. The bridge is a must! It would displace pedestrian traffic from the front of Kings cross and allow to escape the deadly crossing at the bottom of York way.

    Cary on campaigning ang hopefully the planners will see the light!

  15. We would like to add our names to the pleas to Google for the reinstatement of a bridge at the rear of Kings Cross, joining York Way to the Google site/King’s Boulevard. In the 15 years that we have lived here we have seen a sadly neglected industrial site regenerated into a vibrant cultural & international business centre. Much of this vibrancy is generated by the movement of people on foot: this can only increase as office blocks are populated, new homes are built and the additional streets, retail outlets, restaurants & public spaces are established. There has recently been another large influx of people on the East side of Kings Cross as Macmillan has moved its staff into the renovated offices in Regent Quarter. An East-West bridge would reduce the morning & evening crush at the lower end of York Way and greatly enhance the quality of life for the many people who live or work on this side of Islington.

  16. Reinstating the pedestrian link across the tracks would not only make great sense for the proper connectivity of our neighbourhood, severed by network rail, it would also give the community some hope about reconciling the trophy interests of landlords with the quotidian realities of people moving and transferring in this transport hub area. It would restore hope that local authorities can actually work for their electorates!

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