If I was a rich man….

A friend of mine recently posed this question as she was working on some exercises based on Fiddler on the Roof at drama school. It got me thinking….

Fiddler on the RoofOne thing I’d love to do is to buy the entire Zone A plot of King’s Cross Central, then chair a partnership with Argent, Network Rail, LB Camden and LB Islington to turn the lot – Zone A plus a wide bridge across the tracks at the back of King’s Cross Station (like Exchange Square at Liverpool St Station), into a huge public open space complete with waterfall, kids play areas, youth hang out zones, permanent memorials to Lisa Pontecorvo and Phil Jeffries, space for a bit of street theatre, viewing platform for train enthusiasts, space for Camley Street to raise awareness about local urban wildlife, really attractive and grabbing signage to Somers Town and South Caledonian Road, little plaques explaining local history and showing where buildings like Culross used to be and why they were important, and much, much more.


Now that really would be a community gain!!!

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