Conservatives set to meet Network Rail

Conservatives logoA huge vote of thanks to Stephen Hammond MP, Shadow Transport Minister with responsibility for rail. He says,

“I think it is imperative that access to the station is as easy as possible for as many people as possible.”

He has been in touch with Network Rail and it looks like they’ve given him the same reasoning as they are giving everyone else:

1. Cost of the bridge would be prohibitive
2. A bridge would be of limited benefit to commuters
3. A bridge would not benefit the station or the taxpayer
4. Getting to the Western Concourse via York Way will be safe and easy

In giving these reasons Network Rail states:

“While the access [at Wharfdale Rd/York Way] is seen as a legitimate entrance point it is not a designated right of way and only used by a small proportion of people using the station”

They reiterate the ‘offer’ of a total of £1 million to improve York Way (part of their Section 106 agreement with the planning authority) and state there are several other initiatives in place which will help to make the station a beacon for the community.

We’ve always said, you could gold plate the whole of York Way but it will never be a safe walking route to anywhere. It will always be busy, polluted and dangerous. It seems odd that a station can be said to be a beacon for a community when its owners have literally turned their backs on us.

Stephen Hammond will be meeting Network Rail next month when he will seek assurances that the company is doing all it can to accommodate the needs of residents on the north-eastern side of the station. Watch this space…

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