Canal Museum is on board

London Canal Museum logoThe London Canal Museum which sits on the Regent’s Canal at Battlebridge Basin (entrance in New Wharf Road just off Wharfdale Road) has pledged support to the campaign today saying,

“The future prosperity of the Museum is affected by the access issue”

We are looking forward to working with the Museum in a variety of ways to Open Up King’s Cross Station for all using the north eastern side of the area for its rich business, social and cultural facilities.

If you haven’t visited the Canal Museum yet, I can’t recommend it highly enough. See the one remaining original ice pit built by Carlo Gatti in the 1860s to store ice imported from Norway and distributed across the capital from King’s Cross (the pit reminds me of a famous scene from Silence of the Lambs – tell the kids, they’ll love it!). See the Bantam IV tug, a lovely little boat moored just outside the museum. Get one of the best views of Battlebridge Basin which has long been home to a lively narrow boat community, now joined by new residential, leisure and commercial developments on the canal side. A little piece of the many hidden riches of King’s Cross.

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