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googlebridge-logoSend us your comments and sign up to the letter to Google calling for a safe pedestrian and cycle bridge across the tracks at the immediate rear of King’s Cross station through the new Google building. The bridge was in the 2004 planning brief for King’s Cross Central but so far no-one has built it. The local community want a safe pedestrian and cycle bridge to replace the original bridge on the site. Google are redesigning their new building as we speak, so this is the time for #googlebridgekx from York Way through Google to King’s Boulevard :)

I think it would be a great idea for Google to build a pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the tracks at Kings Cross. This would not only greatly benefit the area and assist Google employees but would also send a message from Google about caring for and investing in the local community.

Keith Brown

Dear Google, please help us to create a welcoming East side to Kings Cross St Pancras. Unfortunately recent developments have created huge improvements to the area on all points of the compass except the East side. There is a wonderful opportunity with the Google bridge to create a unique contribution in terms of public access, style and vibe of the East side of the development

David Oxnam

Please add my name to those requesting that Google consider the originally proposed pedestrian bridge over the tracks behind King’s Cross Station.  This not only will benefit pedestrians but will further revitalize the immediate area of York Way and Wharfdale Road by making it a viable route into King’s Cross Central.

Stephan Schulte

I am writing the give my support to the building of the bridge.  I work at the Kings Place building and frequently head over to St Pancras for shopping or lunch and it would be much quicker and more pleasant than walking past all the traffic.

Louise Sandford

I entirely support the campaign to  get a bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchairs across the rail tracks at King’s Cross which is back online.  It is essential and laudable that Google is looking for ways to make its new building better by building the bridge .

I fully support Google’s for looking for ways to ensure maximum safety in its future new Environment. In the name of cycle safety, pedestrian comfort, the disabled rights and general public health I  congratulate Google for their decision/ motives which are valid and  essential reasons to be supported by me and many more Londoner and tourists.

Lillian Brafman

We would like to add our names  for the campaign to request Google to build the originally promised footbridge from the intersection of York Way/Wharfdale Road into their new headquarters building in Block A – on the other side of the tracks.

Such a bridge would be of genuine value to our York Central building and other nearby residents.  We  think it would also help revitalize this intersection since the old rear entrance to the station was closed.

Peter Gandy, Dr. Elham Bazzaz Ghaffari and
Lili Bibi Ghaffari Gandy

To whom it may concern, please honour the pledge to construct a pedestrian bridge across the north end of King’s Cross station. It would help ensure that the benefits of the renewal in the railway lands extend into the Caledonian road neighbourhood as well.

Loralie Barker

Please add me to the letter asking Google to implement the new bridge plan in their new design proposals for their new building.

I am the leaseholder of a flat in Somers Close in Somerstown and am someone who knows how badly residents need this new bridge. It will transform the area from a practical point of view. In a district that has got carried away with the influx of vast investment it is easy for state and corporate giants to forget the ‘little’ people who have been around living in the area before they ever arrived. They have responsibilities.

We are counting on Google, an overseas profit-making entity, to look out for us, because our own native non-profit making representative, Camden Council, has utterly failed us, ignoring a signed petition for the bridge, yet it increases service charges on all its properties year on year.

This is a sorely needed addition to the area, and one that the people have directly requested. Where the council has ignored the people, can the mega-corporation be our saviour? We hope so!

Alex Ingr

I’d like to add my name to any appeal to anybody to restore easy access for pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users from the East side of King’s Cross to the West side. And access to KX/St Pancras from the North

Stephen Kreppel

A creative solution – this would be beneficial in so many ways.

Steven Edwards

I am supporting your initiative for getting the bridge built. It makes all sense to me, hopefully to Google too.

Christopher Vanjal

Please add my support – thank you for campaigning!

Cabe Franklin

I want to add my name in calling for the Kings Cross bridge. Its a fantastic idea!

Tom Weaver

Yes, please. The current development of King’s Cross has largely overlooked some of the needs of people living on the east side. A bridge would restore the access we used to have and be a really, really good outcome and make lots of people happy by reducing their walk to the tube/railway station.

Deborah Seyman

Please add my name to your letter to Google asking for a bridge. At the very least they should make provision for a bridge to be built. It was callous of Argent and Camden to let this requirement terminate in 2012.

Malcolm Tucker

The bridge was always part of the negotiations with the community and on the planning brief, but Argent conveniently ignored it. It is very important to reinstate it.

Jean Burnett

We’re writing a letter to Google…

Click here to add your name to our letter to Google below (remember to give us your name), or scroll to the end of the letter to leave your comment.

Dear Google,

Can Google dream of GooglebridgeKX? We hope so...

Can Google dream of GooglebridgeKX? We hope so…

People in the King’s Cross neighbourhood are delighted by the news that you have asked your architects to re-work their design to make it even better.

We are writing to urge you to include a bridge for pedestrians, bikes and wheelchairs across the railway tracks on the line of the former bridge, Battlebridge Road.

This bridge would complete the East-West route which would enable people to move between Islington, King’s Cross, St Pancras and Euston Stations avoiding the danger, noise and rotten air quality of the A501, Euston Road. It would also make a much more convenient way for lots of Islington people to get to King’s Cross, and indeed to your offices. Your staff bike park seems to be in just about the right place too.

Exchange Square is a public green space that forms a bridge across the tracks at Liverpool St Station… bridge daydreams for King’s Cross

The bridge was something thousands of residents and businesses campaigned for and it was included in Camden’s and Islington’s Planning Brief for the area and also in Argent’s plans. It never got built because it’s on Network Rail’s land, they didn’t want to pay for it and Camden council lacked the guts to insist that they should.

It has the support of local politicians of all parties and of London Assembly members. If you build it you would be doing a lot for London, for safety, for the environment and for the locality. No evil. Good.

Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart

Bridge dreams… could Google’s new building incorporate a much needed bridge and be as exciting as Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart?

If you want to see how exciting it can be to have a public right of way snaking through an important building, go and look at the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart.

If you want to see how a green space (more than just a bridge) can be decked over the throat of a station go to Exchange Square at Broadgate.

Best wishes…

PS We’d love to meet to share bridge dreams for King’s Cross!

Google, you can really make a difference for London cyclists

The notorious King’s Cross gyratory including junctions on the A501 ring road – Euston Rd/Gray’s Inn Rd/ Pancras Rd/York Way – has had more than its fair share of cyclist injury and fatality. Time to stop this, if Google built GooglebridgeKX, a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists completing the link from The Angel to Marylebone it would make a massive difference. Meanwhile, here’s the petition calling on the Mayor to take action. Hint to Google – how about teaming up with Transport for London to design a fab safe bridge from York Way to King’s Boulevard?

Why GooglebridgeKX?

This is the campaign for a pedestrian and cycle bridge across the immediate rear of King’s Cross Station. Until 2012 a Section 106 obligation on Argent (now King’s Cross Central/N1C) required them to allow the bridge to run from what is now the new Google HQ to York Way. The plan was to integrate the bridge into the Google building through a public access area. Google are currently reviewing their plans for the site. We hope they will include the new and exciting GooglebridgeKX.

Click on the slides below to see the case we made for the bridge back in 2008 – or download the Powerpoint presentation by clicking here.

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