Let’s bridge the tracks

The campaign for a crossing over the railway tracks at the immediate rear of King’s Cross Station, replacing the old Battlebridge Road, scored a major success on 14 December 2010 when the Mayor’s Planning and Housing Committee visited the site of both the station and the King’s Cross Central development. As Conservative GLA Member Andrew Boff explained, “We are here as part of an investigation into public access to effectively privatised spaces”.

  Battlebridge Crossing banner
Chair of the Committee, Nicky Gavron described our missing bridge as, “absolutely impossible and needs to be overcome. So many people live on the east side and yet cannot have the access they used to have to the station, to the tube station and the front and they have to go all the way round. There was a bridge in the original planning application but nobody is following through on it. There’s a very easy solution to this but somebody’s got to take responsibility”.

We look forward to seeing the results of the Committee’s visit, watch this space. Meanwhile the Network Rail team behind the station redevelopment will be on hand to answer questions from Monday 17th January to Friday 21st January between 7am and 7pm when a public exhibition will open at King’s Cross Station.

If you would like to ask them to provide the much needed bridge, do go along and put your points to the team. And of course, let us know how you get on and what their response is by emailing us.