Write a letter to the people that can make a bridge happen

Let’s get something done here… Below is a list of people to write to. All you need to say is that:

1. We need a bridge giving east/west access across the tracks at the back of King’s Cross Station

2. Network Rail are refusing to fund such a bridge

3. What are you (the person you are writing to) going to do about it?

If you want to include more than that, please do. For example, information from this site and from our leaflet might be helpful – there’s a paragraph at the end of this posting that you could just copy and paste into your letter or email. If you can only write one letter or email, start with the first on the list below, alternatively, copy the full list of contacts and paste them into the ‘to’ line of your email. Remember to include your name and home address when sending letters or emails.

And, if you get a reply, let us know!



Full list

Ruth.kelly@dft.gsi.gov.uk; theresa@theresavilliers.co.uk; normanbaker@cix.co.uk; boris.johnson@london.gov.uk; kulveer.ranger@london.gov.uk; jennette.arnold@london.gov.uk; Valerie.shawcross@london.gov.uk; Caroline.pidgeon@london.gov.uk; David.Reidy@camden.gov.uk; Angela.Ryan@camden.gov.uk; giles.dolphin@london.gov.uk; walking@tfl.gov.uk; letters@camdennewjournal.co.uk




Ruth Kelly, Transport Minister

Department for Transport
Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DR

Theresa Villiers, Shadow Transport Minister (Con)

House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

Norman Baker, Shadow Transport Minister (Lib Dem)

204 High Street
East Sussex

Contacts for the Mayor and the Greater London Assembly all share the same postal address:

City Hall, The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA

Boris Johnson Mayor of London


Kulveer Ranger, Mayor’s Transport Adviser


Jennette Arnold, Chair Greater London Assembly & GLA member for Islington


Valerie Shawcross Chair GLA Transport Committee


Caroline Pidgeon Deputy chair GLA Transport Committee



Example paragraph


Network Rail will be closing all entrances to King’s Cross and replacing them with a single entrance on the western side of the station, far from the neighbourhood on the north eastern side of the station- home to well over 17,000 people including a very high proportion of disabled people and carers, and thousands of employees. I want Network Rail to think again. They should replace the York Way/Wharfdale Road entrance with a footbridge across the tracks to the new Western Concourse. If they do not a daily total of over 3,400 people will be condemned to use York Way then Euston Road or Goodsway then Pancras Road – unsafe, dangerous and polluted. Please let me know in your reply how you will support our community to achieve this vital cross-borough link to and from what is becoming the biggest transport hub in Europe . More information can be found at www.kingscrossaccess.com. Additionally, please sign our petition at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/kxaccess/.

More contacts

King’s Cross Railway Lands Group have published a more detailed list of people to write to.

Argent scheme model

Photos of the model at the German Gym, click on image to enlarge, right click to download/copy.

Note: this bridge is purely an aspiration. Should no-one come forward to build it by 2012, Argent’s S106 obligation to house the western side of the bridge on their land ceases.

1. From above.
2. Showing vary narrow pathway between the path to the bridge and high rise offices.
3. View of the bridge and high rise offices from Wharfdale Road.

Bridge from above

Pathway to bridge

High rise offices seen from Wharfdale Road

Template letter to Network Rail

Jonathan Baker writes: I attach a template letter from the point of view of an ordinary resident along with a list of names on the network rail social responsibility website. I intend to send the letter to the names listed and thought a copy of it for others to use as a template might help.

Please use the template as the basis for your own letter to the members of Network Rail’s Corporate Scoial Responsbility Committee. It’s best to send an individual letter to each member, they can all be reached at the address on the template. If you get a response, please let us know.

Download template_letter_to_nr.doc

Quick off the mark – thankyou!

Caroline Pidgeon GLA MemberMany thanks to Caroline Pidgeon AM (I prefer the acronym GLAM – Greater London Assembly Member – it adds a certain something) and Deputy Chair of the GLA Transport Committee, not only for her wholehearted support of this campaign since the word go, but also for the letter she has sent to Network Rail today:

Re: Pedestrian access from North East of King’s Cross/St Pancras station

I am writing on behalf of the Liberal Democrat members of the London Assembly to object to Network Rail’s decision that there is to be no replacement for the original north-eastern entrance to the King’s Cross/St Pancras station complex.

You will already be well aware of the furore that this announcement caused among residents in the nearby King’s Cross community, and that a well-attended protest meeting was held yesterday evening. Local people feel very strongly that by closing the existing entrance for pedestrians and cyclists they are being cut off from goods and services that have previously been an integral part of their community. It is all the more ironic that just at the point where the regenerated St Pancras has become an attractive retail outlet it will become inaccessible to its host community.

In terms of access to the station and the trains, pedestrians from the north-east will have to walk three times as far as they currently do to reach the entrances of either station. This scarcely seems to address the sustainability agenda of central Government at a time when we are supposedly encouraging walking, cycling and the use of public transport.

The process by which Network Rail came to its current position on NE access seems to us very questionable. Residents feel there has been no adequate consultation. The feasibility study undertaken by ARUP appears to have considered only options which had already been judged to be impracticable. Moreover, ARUP seem to have overlooked a commitment made by Network Rail (at the LB Camden Development Control Committee meeting that gave final planning consent) that they would consult the community as part of their feasibility study.

I would urge Network Rail to look seriously into providing a badly needed pedestrian and cycle link from the east to the west of the station starting at the junction of Wharfdale Road and York Way and ending near the new concourse of King’s Cross and the new entrance to St Pancras on Pancras Way. This would hugely enhance the redeveloped station and restore the bond between the stations and their surrounding community.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Pidgeon

Deputy Chair, Transport Committee

Liberal Democrat Assembly Member

Wow, what a meeting!

Public meeting 16 July 2008Over 70 people turned out at our public meeting last night – thankyou so much to everyone who took time out of busy lives, at a difficult time of the evening, to show their support.

Thanks also to Ian Fry, Alastair Metcalf, Tom Higginson and Emily Mansell all of whom came along from Network Rail. Ian gave a highly informative presentation clearly stating the limits of Network Rail’s interest in building a bridge across the rear of the tracks. Although they would support such a bridge, they would not at the moment be prepared to pay for it as it does not fit with their business plans. A bridge would cost approximately £4 million, which Ian confirmed represents about 1% of the over £400 million budget for the station redevelopment. Network Rail have kindly given permission for us to reproduce Ian’s presentation here:

Download york_way_access_16_july_08.pdf

The meeting was chaired by Michael Edwards of King’s Cross Railway Lands Group. Michael was able to set the scene enabling a truely positive and productive atmosphere throughout. He gave a presentation after Ian, putting the bridge into it’s historical context, making the case for current and future need and finally calling for a visionary, imaginative bridge development project that would put the icing as well as the cherry on the cake of the new King’s Cross Station. Michael’s presentation can be downloaded here:

Download kx_exhibition.pdf

Cllr Paul Convery (Labour, Calendonian ward) gave a stirring talk, calling on all bodies that could become partners in the bridge project to see the bigger picture. Without a bridge, King’s Cross turns its back on our community. With the bridge our community remains properly joined to sister communities in Somers Town and the south side of King’s Cross making our area a better place to live and work. It is infrastructure like this, said Paul, that gives communities self respect and fosters healthy, cohesive communities where anti-social behaviour and youth crime can decrease dramatically.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the Liberal Democrats, Bridget Fox (Islington South and Finsbury) and Jo Shaw (Holborn and St Pancras) made excellent contributions from the floor. Caroline Pidgeon, Greater London Assembly Member and LibDem spokesperson on Transport at the GLA sent a message of support as did Councillor Marisha Ray of Clerkenwell ward.

Jenny Jones, Greater London Assembly Member, leader of the Green Group on the GLA, Deputy Chair of the GLA’s Planning and Spatial Development Committee and member of the GLA’s Transport Committee, sent her apologies to us. Sadly she was involved in a bicycle accident at the weekend and is suffering from a very painful broken wrist. Jenny submitted a written question about the Mayor’s stance on the bridge for Mayor’s Question Time yesterday, she will get a response next week – watch this space.

Also attending was Duncan Webster, chair of the Islington Conservative Association. Duncan is hugely supportive of the campaign and is working to alert key party colleagues to the need for a bridge.

Messages of strong support were also received from Alex Goodman (Green Party Councillor in Camden) and from Sian Berry (national spokesperson for the Green Party and recently their mayoral candidate).  Both had other meetings that evening which prevented them from coming but they are supporting the campaign.

A detailed exhibition, very kindly reproduced and laminated for us with no charge by Gratte Brothers, was viewed by those present – I hope to upload more graphics from the exhibition soon.

Questions and comments from the floor were well-informed as well as very practical, giving us all food for thought about the next steps. Two people present last night have today become members of the email-based organising group for the campaign. Ideas are flowing, again I’ll report more soon. Meanwhile, a new category on this site will appear in the next day or so. Titled, ‘Resources’ it will contain a host of information, graphics, templates for letters, addresses to write to and lots more. Please do keep in touch and remember – get all your friends, family and colleagues to sign the petition – we are up to 429 signatures as I write – can we hit 500 before the weekend?

A detailed report of the meeting will be published in the next few weeks… If you were not at the meeting and would like to make a comment or ask a question for the report, do email us. The deadline for all submissions is 27 July.